…and about Top 10 Global Consumer Trends in 2019

Did you recently experienced JOMO? Or you do not know what JOMO is? New acronym on the block, which I did not know since last week either… But, last week I have downloaded Euromonitor’s latest report and their view on Top 10 Global Consumer Trends in 2019. Definitely worth go through whatever industry or category you are in. It is free and link where you can you download it is here. Thank you Euromonitor!

OK then, JOMO stands for Joy Of Missing Out. That is an opposite to more known FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out – which Wikipedia defines as « Anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on social media »).

Sooo, JOMO is actually about turning off your digital gadgets (especially your Social feeds at Facebook, Instagram, hello LinkedIn) purposefully and not feeling guilty about a fact that you were not connected for a few hours or even days! Going off-line voluntarily and being cool with it. Why this should be a trend and how is this going to influence Consumers? Well, where is a demand, there is an offer – many resort, hotels, cafés and restaurants are turning to « no wifi zones », there is a boom in off-line cleansing retreat weekends and it is becoming again trendy just to sit and read a book during your break (seriously, well described in that Euromonitor report).

Reading about JOMO made me however realized, that this is really happening in my circles, I just wasn’t able to call it so fancy. Three occasions around the same time? Can’t be a coincidence…

1) Myself « implying » it to others. With our kids (13 and 10) we have introduced and they relatively successfully adhere to « No electronic day » 3 times a week. No tablets, no computers, no phones – in general, less screen time. Unbelievable amount of books have been read and Connect4 (board) games played since then.

2) Me, myself and I. As of New Year I have deleted Facebook app from my phone. Even FB keeps sending me emails how many great things I can do with app (and they can track that) I am checking FB in general once a day, instead of « sliding through » when idle. Haven’t miss a thing so far…

3) Me working with others. As a trainer and facilitator I am setting up « house rules » at the beginning of each workshop or training. No laptops, no mobiles unless business urgent. But you know how it goes, there is a temptation – unless… Unless I keep my participants so involved they have no time to fumble with screen. And that’s where I have discover additional beauty of working with LEGO® Serious Play®. People are highly engaged (without trying to brag about myself) because they keep their hands occupied – all the time! They talk and communicate together much more and in general they tend to care less about their screens. In fact – one of the best feedback we have received recently, was back in January after our Team Communication workshop with Strategic Project and Portfolio team, when working on their prioritization. David, head of the team told us after the workshop: « Patrik and Haja, you were able to engage us so well, that even Alex was not checking his mobile, and trust me – that is rare, he is addict! »

Having said that – please, be trendy and enjoy being NOT connected! Grab a book – or have your next team session more interactive with LEGO® bricks. We would be happy to support you with that (oh yes, ou little pitch at the end 😉

What are your thoughts? Do you have a Joy of missing out?

Patrik and Haja

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