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Do you need to get your team closer together, improve communication or set up the new vision?

Do you want to give an opportunity to everyone in a team to express – even quiet, passive or less vocal team members?

Do you want to maintain business environment but still want to improve involvement and boost creativity?


LEGO® Serious Play® was developed exactly for those situations!

LEGO Serious Play is a facilitated communication, thinking, creative and problem solving technique used by teams and organizations worldwide.

This  methodology has been developed based on a large research and understanding of team and individual development. Lego® Serious Play® is actively using all phases of learning cycle to achieve desired results and goals.

LEGO® Serious Play® is NOT a standalone training or solution to tackle your issue, far from it. It is a tool boosting the communication, interactivity and creativity – and it is THE vehicle to deliver best results of team work, thanks to a variability and flexibility of the familiar tools and careful facilitation of experienced LSP trainer.


Experience it on your own during our live



  • welcome and introduction
  • 60 minutes workshop during which you will experience LEGO® Serious Play®  in the real life context
  • Q&A and feedback
  • Free time for networking with food and drinks



  • 30.- CHF per person

(get 100.- CHF off your next LEGO® Serious Play® training
with Amon Academy)




Tuesday, 21 May 2019 in Fribourg

  • 17:30 – 19:30 discovery workshop
    (followed by a networking cocktail)



  • 60 minutes workshop
  • apx. 60 minutes free time for networking with food and drinks




  • Session will be held in French and English




Rue de Locarno 9
1700 Fribourg

(learning center « Cristal Chromotherapie »)


FRIBOURG – Rue de Locarno 9

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